Mattress Factory for City 1927
The Atlanta Constitution Sun | October 9, 1927
Mattress plant near completion on Atlanta site
The Atlanta Journal | October 9, 1927
190 Walker Street, Atlanta, Georgia | Massell Realty Co listing

For Sale ad for 190-192 Walker Street
from a Massell Blue Book ad | 1932


Photo of 190-192 Walker Street in late 1927 to early 1928,
shortly after its construction by Massell Realty Co.
for U.S. Bedding Company / Sealy Co. of the Southeast.


The empty lot to the south, 196-200 Walker Street, (right in the photo)
will soon have the Johnson & Johnson warehouse built on it in the following year.


The lot to the north, 188-1/2 Walker St., (left in the photo, previously 56 Walker) still has a residential row house on it. Walker Street became completely commercial buildings by the end of the 1920s due to the Southern Railway spur built behind these buildings between 1912-1915.

Lofty Idea for Downtown 1991
Lofty Idea for Downtown 1991
The Atlanta Journal Constitution | Saturday June 1, 1991
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